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Who am I?
About IFG ? IPTABLES FILTER GENERATOR ( IFG ) is a small program written in C, with the interface made with gtk+2 and glade.

The main Function is to generate rules for iptables in a simple way, make it easy especially for newbies to iptables.
IFG support the INPUT and OUTPUT chain, diferents protocols ( tcp , udp , icmp ), you also can choose the interface,
the source IP and PORT, the destination IP and PORT, the state of the conection ( -m state --state ), you can specify
one of the four target for the rule that you made ( ACCEPT, DROP, REJECT, LOG ), the targets REJECT and LOG
have their onws options, and finally ( for now ) IFG can create the rules for Network Address Translation ( NAT ).

With IFG you can learn how is the sintaxis of the rules, and then make it by yourself, advanced users don't need IFG
but, for all those that don't have any idea of how create a little firewall in their linux boxes is a very useful tool.